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Frequently Asked Questions

The StrADegy System® turns attention into revenue (on autopilot!) but it isn’t right for everyone. Read over our most frequently asked questions to find out if you’re right for StrADegy right now.

The program

What is The StrADegy System®?

The StrADegy System is an online training program for course creators and membership site owners who want to build an audience and make sales with Facebook & Instagram ads.

It gives you all the tools and templates you need to run profitable, predictable, scalable ads (while building authority and attention in your niche). Inside the program, you’ll master the same paid traffic strategies my team has used to manage over a million dollars of ad spend, for big corporations and up-and-coming solopreneurs.

The StrADegy System® is all about taking the customer journey that you’ve ALREADY developed and turning up the volume—so you can grow your audience, turn browsers into fans, and increase your conversion rates across the board.

For most of our students, it’s the foundation of their sales process and the backbone of revenue generation for their company.

What’s included?

The StrADegy System® is an on-demand learning experience. Like, Netflix! Everything is online and available for you to work through right away, at your pace.

You’ll get lifetime access to the four core modules (think: episodes), which give you everything you need to start crafting, testing, and scaling your next winning ad campaigns. For more details, visit the ‘Here’s How This All Breaks Down’ section here.

We’re pretty fed up with the format traditional course modules, so we built StrADegy differently.

Inside each module, there are short, streamlined videos that cover the high-level strategies, but we didn’t stop there. We also built step-by-step instruction guides for navigating Ads Manager, tackling tech questions, and building out your ad sequences. No more fast-forwarding through 90-minutes of fluff to find that one dang screenshot!

Learning Facebook ads can feel overwhelming (just like learning anything new!). So, for an additional level of support, you’ll have access to our team via a Facebook Group for 16-weeks.

This is the perfect container for making this program work for you and your unique needs—you can submit your ads for review, get feedback from our team, and ask Bond all your Qs.

Extra bonus: On top of my feedback, you’ll get ideas and answers from people who are leveraging this paid traffic framework on a daily basis in their business.

Wait! You said, ``16 weeks of Group access.`` What does that mean?

When you purchase The StrADegy System® training program, you receive lifetime access to the content. None of that’s ever going away.

But you’re invited to be a part of The StrADegy Community for 16 weeks, so you can take advantage of feedback, bonus trainings, and Q&A sessions as you build out your ad sequences.

For most people, it takes about 30 days to get sequences up and running (and bringing in the moolah), so we’ve built in some extra buffer time for you in case you’re in a busy season.

We’ve implemented this time restraint because I want to incentivize implementation—and I also want to dedicate my team’s resources to people who are in action mode.

And remember, the way this program is built, you don’t need to tinker on your ads forever. Get the automated sequences set-up and then move on to the next most pressing business issue (while your ads make money for you in the background).

Facebook changes at the speed of light—is the content constantly updated?

Yes! We’ve built an entire internal system for these updates so that we can keep content 100% up-to-date for you. My team typically uploads new (or edited) program content within 72 hours of Facebook updates. And if you have additional questions about new features or functions, you can always bring those to The StrADegy Community. 

Speaking of trends, Facebook tactics and best practices are ever-changing. How does this program keep up?

Great question! This is something that we’ve baked into the program since the beginning. Yes, Facebook changes at the speed of light. But the principles of marketing are as old as time.

And because The StrADegy System® is built on fundamental marketing principles, the overall framework always works. Always.

New tools give us new “vehicles” for these principles but the simple principles work best, time and time again.

In fact, the businesses that get the BEST results with this system are the ones that move away from short term bro-marketing hacks and embrace simplicity.

Short answer: Tactics change; strategic direction stays the same.

I’m busy running a business, Bond. How long will this take?

Ahhhh this question fires me up. So I’m gonna respond with a question for you.

Are you asking because you expect push-button results, overnight success, and a zero-effort fastlane to business paradise?

If that’s the attitude behind your question, this won’t be a good fit. It reminds me of that Austin Kleon quote: “Lots of people want to be the noun without doing the verb.”

But, if you’re asking this question from a place of: “Hey, Bond. I’ve got my calendar for the next quarter pulled up, and I wanna know how much time I should block off for making this happen.”

…then I’ve got answers.

First, you can easily scan through all of the program video content in a single day. The videos are all under 10 minutes and as easy to binge-watch as GoT.

Second, most people tell me that setting up the ad sequences feels way easier than they expected. If you’ve been in business for a year or more, you probably have most of the content creation aspects done already (we’ll show you how to ‘double dip’ on old content inside the program).

Third, you’ll spend the biggest slice of time on testing your current sales process (to find “leaks” in the bucket). The more leaks, the more time you’ll spend plugging them. This ensures that your ads will turn a healthy profit—instead of leaking cash all over the place.

Committed members see a drastic improvement in their sales conversion rates within 60-90 days.

How much money will I need to implement The StrADegy System®?

This is tricky. Because it’s kind of like asking: “how much money do I need to buy a house?”

Anyone would tell you that depends on the housing market, and appreciation forecasts, and whether or not you have the time (and the handyman skills) to take on a fixer-upper.

There are too many factors to give a blanket-statement answer.

But, I can tell you one thing: The StrADegy System® is designed to keep you from losing money.

When you implement the framework, you’ll have to prove your ROI before anything else. That means that you confirm your numbers (earnings per lead and cost per lead) at the very beginning and guarantee the Facebook ATM Exchange is your friend, not foe.

I’m giving you a process for testing the profitability of your ads before you invest more than $100.

And at that point, you have the data to analyze your return-on-ad-spend numbers. As soon as those numbers are positive, you can start investing confidently at whatever level your cashflow allows.

But here’s one more thing I have to say. Don’t look at ads like budgeting—because you’re not spending money, or losing money, or paying money. You’re investing it in a proven profit system.

In other words: it’s not an envelope system; it’s an exchange rate. Cash is SUPPOSED to flow back to you, and you’re just playing with the rate of return.

Facebook’s cool and all. But, do you support other paid media platforms?

Since Facebook is the behemoth that also owns Instagram, you can assume that whenever we use the word Facebook, it can as easily be substituted for Instagram. The same tactics work, the same tech works, and it’s all one happy family.

When you start talking: YouTube, Pinterest, Snapshot or ad networks like Taboola—the foundational elements of The StrADegy System® still apply. If you’re savvy with tech, you can leverage our strategies on these other platforms to build an audience and increase your conversions.

However, the program itself does NOT cover anything outside of Facebook and Instagram from an implementation standpoint. Nor does the coaching/feedback in the Facebook Group.

My ads have sucked in the past. Do you help us create our ads?

Oh yeah, baby! We even built a proprietary tool that helps choose which ad content you'll run at each stage of the journey: Connect. Commit. Close.

Even better, you can submit your ads for review and get direct feedback from our team on your copy, photos, and videos. We’ll also help you follow compliance guidelines to make sure your ads get approved (and you stay out of “Facebook Jail”).  

Bond, I've joined an online course in the past that definitely wasn't what I was looking for (even though it seemed to be at the time), so I'm cautious when it comes to making investments.

Oh man. I’ve been there. And I’m glad you’re taking your business, your goals, and you investments seriously.

Two things to consider.

First, don’t let one bad investment keep you from moving forward in your business. I’ve made plenty of mistakes—in hiring, firing, masterminding, course-buying, and business-building. And that’s life! We’re humans and we don’t have perfect judgment (or prophetic superpowers).

But I didn’t let “one bad hire” keep me from moving forward and building a team to support me. And I don’t think you should let a bad course keep you from investing in the tools you need to take your business to the next level (whether that’s The StrADegy System® or not).

Second, if you’ve read through the whole FAQ page and are still unsure, I welcome you to email us to ask questions, get things clarified, and figure out if The StrADegy System® is the next right step for your business.

At the end of the day, I pride myself on ensuring that the right people (at the right time for them) join us inside the program. I’d rather us have a quick chat and determine that it might NOT be the thing you need at this time than for you to purchase and be disappointed.

The investment

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! We offer a 4-part payment plan to help finance your purchase and make it easy to get started.

The payments are monthly, meaning: if you join on December 14th, you’ll receive the first charge that day and subsequent charges on January 14th, February 14th, and March 14th to complete your transaction. Easy-peasy!

What if I need to stop my subscription to The StrADegy System®?

Ooh, okay, let’s get on the same page. The StrADegy System® actually isn’t a subscription, a membership, or a month-to-month thing. It’s a digital program and you get access on day one, so you can’t cancel your payment plan partway through.

We offer payment plans to help you finance your purchase. It’s an opportunity to spread out the cost (not an invitation to bail). Really, we just want to make it as easy as possible to get started today and manage your business cash flow over the next few months.

The legalese part: By choosing to join us via payment plan, you’re taking advantage of the offer from Bond Digital Media Inc. to act as your financial intermediary, instead of your bank or financial institution. For these reasons, we cannot delay or defer your future payments. Failure to comply will result in immediate action.  

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

For full-pay ($2,497 USD) we can accommodate PayPal. Please email us with your business name, email, and mailing address and we’ll send you a PayPal invoice within one business day.

Can my team member join the Facebook Group with me?

You have a couple of options.

Each purchase includes one (1) access invitation to The StrADegy Community for support and coaching. If your team member will be responsible for implementing The StrADegy System®, you might consider having them join in your place.

We also offer additional licences for team members to join as active Group members. This licence includes their own trackable login (along with separate progress tracking). The licence fee is $897 per additional team member and can be purchased after joining the program.

The only contingency is that both users must register with an email from the same branded domain.

Who's this for?

Will this work for MY sales process?

Your business has a nuanced, custom sales process (like every business). Unique audiences, unique markets, and unique offers. But for every business I’ve ever worked with, The StrADegy System® has been “fuel on the fire” for their marketing, their sales, and their scalability.

The program is built on foundational sales principles AND the program is built for customization. It’s the best of both worlds. You can build out the system for your individual needs, knowing that every move you make is based on proven sales fundamentals.

The only requirement is the sales process for your online course or membership site be primarily digital. Yes, that can still include phone sales calls—but most key conversion steps should take place online (opt-in, application, etc.). This “feeds” the Facebook pixel the data it needs to measure and optimize your results.

Ekk. Ads scare me since I’m a newb. Will The StrADegy System® be too advanced for me?

The program makes navigating Ads Manager a breeze. We get that feedback all the time, from people of all levels of tech savviness. But, like learning anything new, it’ll probably stretch you a bit.

At the end of the day, though, if you can follow a “Step 1: do this; Step 2: do that” type of process, you’ll do great inside the program. Plus, you’ll have our support along the way.

I’m still working on my first offer. Should I join now?

Nope! We don’t encourage anyone to run ads until they’ve validated their offer. You need a sales process in place that’s generating revenue (even if it’s not at the level you want).

See, The StrADegy System® isn’t magic, it’s math.

This process gets more eyeballs onto your stuff (and gives you the tools to scale your sales predictably). But if people aren’t buying your offers already, you probably don’t have a traffic problem. You’ve got sales engine failure.

Bond, I do launches. How does The StrADegy System® work for that?

We’ve got members running successful launches based on the concepts inside The StrADegy System®. Mostly, they’re using the framework to create a pre-launch audience that converts like hotcakes once your cart is open.

But, full disclosure: The StrADegy System® is built to create predictability in your business. And it’s easiest to do that when your offers are continually available. An evergreen business model gives you better opportunities to fully leverage this framework to create sustainable, predictable, scalable revenue in your business.

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