Part 5: The StrADegy System®

The Three Phases of

Profitable, Manageable, and Scalable Facebook Ads

So here’s what we know.
  1. Bro-Marketing is inherently self-centered and seller-first (not customer-first).
  2. This self-centered marketing ethos is the foundation of the force-driven funnel we’ve all used (and taught, and been taught) for years.
  3. Force-driven funnels aren’t working like they used to.
  4. There’s a better way to automate the sales process—and it puts customers first AND generates revenue like crazy.

T his entire “anti-funnel” sales process starts with customer-centric dynamic ad sequences.

These dynamic Facebook ad sequences are engineered so that:


Your customers will only see ads that they want to see (that’s the customer-centric part).

You never pay for leads who aren’t in a position to become buyers (that’s the profit-focused part).

We call this a win-win situation. 😁

It’s the ultimate in engineering engagement-driven authority, building ridiculously qualified lead lists, and creating high profit margins by doubling (or tripling, or 10x-ing) your Earnings per Lead (EPL).

Let me show you how it works.

The StrADegy System® is a sequence of customer-driven ads.

Instead of prodding people through a static, automated funnel…

…we create a dynamic sequence of Facebook ads that only appear when triggered by specific actions.

This is the Connect phase.

On the left-hand side, a cold audience is given the opportunity to engage with intentional content that’s optimized for eyeball-grabbing and engagement.

We win the attention and trust of this cold audience by delivering value, connection, and leadership in the News Feed.

The Commit Phase

Then, once that cold audience has naturally warmed up, we give them an opportunity to commit to going deeper with the brand.

While serving up dynamic retargeting ads that meet them where they are on their journey.



The Close Phase

Once that warm (retargetable!) Custom Audience has demonstrated commitment and engagement, we give them an invitation to invest — while also delivering content that empowers them to make an informed decision.

It’s a blend of sales, education, and objection-handling ads engineered to give primed, red-hot leads everything they need to purchase with confidence.

And because you’re only marketing to red-hot, committed, filtered leads, your conversion rates will be dramatically higher, and your cost-per-acquisition will be dramatically lower.

These three phases are the key to running Facebook ads that honor your customers AND your bank account.

See, most marketers force-feed their audience by split-testing a handful of aggressive lead-gen ads.

Their only goal? To get an ROI, period.

  • Even if they have to “hammer” their list.
  • Even if they have to pull out a toolbox of sales tactics to make it happen.
  • Even if they have to guilt-trip their best prospects.

And all the while, they don’t realize that their sales-at-all-cost methodology is actually what’s killing their revenue.

So, naturally, we take an entirely different direction…

…because we want sales, but we also want to sleep well at night.

And that’s the beauty of The StrADegy System®.

This organic-modelled process (which is all automatically managed with a few ninja Facebook automations + triggers) serves your audience AND supports your bottom line simultaneously.

You serve your customers by giving them what they need in a Choose Your Own Adventure style sequence, minus all the fake scarcity and power struggles that run most funnels.

You support your bottom line by making a long-term, sustainable play for profit by building a warm, custom-created audience instead of an ice-cold audience, saving you 50-100% on ad spend*. And, by optimizing for EPL instead of CPL, you maximize your back-end profits and keep your expenses in check. *yes, I’ve done $48,000 in ad spend studies confirming this.

At every phase of this process, we’re making the right things happen by speaking to the current, up-to-the-minute “state” of our Custom Audience phases.

And let’s talk about “states” for a second—the particular condition that someone or something is in at a specific time.

Avatars and Dream Clients and Knowing Your Audience are all super popular concepts right now.

And for good reason: you cannot sell to the customer you do not know.


Your avatar is not a static person.

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Sure, every single one of your dream clients might be a mid-30s female entrepreneur, who’s running a $10K/month business and looking to build a team.

Cool, but…

What about the woman who believes hiring is hard?

What about the woman who believes that no team member could do the work she does?

What about the woman who believes that partnership is risky?

What about the woman whose profit margins are too low to justify hiring?

What about the woman who’s dealing with chronic illness while running her business?

What about the woman who wants one-on-one support, not another course?

Do you see how your avatar exists in different states?

Your avatar has ever-shifting beliefs, opinions, patterns, priorities, situations, relationships, and life experiences that make them MORE likely or LESS likely to invest in what you do.

And the role of your dynamic ad sequences is to deliver content that:


Meets your avatar in their current “state” (acknowledges what they’re currently looking for, dealing with, asking, believing, failing at, etc.).

Delivers the content they need at the time when they’re ready to see it (empowers them to raise their hand, step into the next “state,” and say “yes, I’m ready to play ball.”).
I want to acknowledge…

…that the best funnel-builders do take these state changes into account.

For example, they’ll create lead magnets that are focused on an urgent, surface-level issues…and then, in the follow-up email funnel, they’ll dive deeper into the core problem, before finally asking for the sale.

You might hear traditional funnel-builders or sales gurus talk about this as “sell them what they want, give them what they need.”

But here’s the problem.

Even the best funnels are still (mostly) unresponsive to the fluidity of the customer journey. Whether subscribers are ready or not, they’ll get a barrage of sales emails—approximately 5.72* days after subscribing to your latest lead magnet.
*not an actual figure

And this type of one-size-fits-all marketing leads to audience burnout, low conversion rates, and lackluster sales.

Your ideal client audience is made up of a whole lot of unique humans.

  • Some leads go from stranger to buyer in 24 hours.
  • Some leads need six months of nurturing.

And if you optimize your sales process for just ONE of those two paths (and, to be clear, there are lots of other paths, too—those are just two options), your lead costs will skyrocket, your EPL will drop, and you’ll burn out your audience real quick.

The crux of the issue:

Do you have a reliable, automated engine for adjusting to those customer journey fluctuations?

Do you know how to create a content delivery engine that honors (and converts) red-hot prospects AND slow-and-steady prospects—without turning off one or the other?

Do you have an automated system for identifying the different states of your audience, and adjusting your marketing based on the data?

I designed The StrADegy System® to do just that…

…and the results speak for themselves.

Remember Tela from a few pages back? Here’s where she’s at:

Bond, I made 60k last year and StrADegy scaled me to this!

Tela Holcomb

When business owners implement The StrADegy System® of dynamic ad sequences, they see results like this across the board:

Lower lead costs

‘Cause they’re speaking directly to their ideal prospects (not pushing their pain points)

Lower cost-per-acquisition

‘Cause they’re not running twist-your-arm sales ads to cold or lukewarm audiences

Higher engagement

‘Cause they’re coaching their audience to invest in their brand on a regular basis

Higher earnings-per-lead

‘Cause they’re ONLY selling to primed, red-hot prospects in this profit-centric model

Higher relevance scores

‘Cause they’re only showing ads to audiences that have “opted in” by engaging

Higher lead quality

‘Cause they’re building their warm audiences WHILE running lead gen ads

I’m getting leads for $1.12 right now in the Commit phase. And even with Connect ads factored in, total costs are still only $1.87.

For reference, we launched an ebook in March-April and ran ads to it for about 6 weeks—until I started freaking about the cost of leads! Lead costs STARTED at $4.20-ish and were over $5.50 when I pulled the plug.

Then we fired our ads guy. (I told him to take your course. He tried to learn on his own… duh!)

Now, my Facebook ad managers are trained in your system.
I’m not gonna trust anyone else.

Client, Hired The StrADegy System Certified Ad Manager

By SEQUENCING the customer journey (instead of forcing the customer journey), we make sure you’re ALWAYS closing sales, ALWAYS growing your pool of committed leads, and ALWAYS increasing your connected audience.

All you need are these three basic phases of dynamic ads, working in perfect harmony. It’s a growth engine that’s profit-focused…but still has the customers’ best interest at heart.

"...crunching some numbers for my client, just raised her EPL from $78 to 187!!!!!"

Sarah Murray

This system leverages the power of relationship-based marketing to automate a dynamic buying journey, using the technical power of Facebook Ads.

We’re using human-focused ads to amplify your message to the right people, automate an organic customer journey, and get you back into feel-good profitability.


…it works.

Let’s look at the numbers for my program, The StrADegy System.

My average EPL is over $120. (industry standard: $10-$50)

My average email sequence conversion rate is over 9%. (industry standard: 1%-2%)

And those aren’t random, flukey, flash-in-the-pan results.

Those numbers have been stable for more than 6 months.

How? Because this isn’t a short-term system. It’s built for sustainability, manageability, and scalability.

It’s built to last.

If you’re used to Bro-Marketing funnel results, you’re probably thinking these results are CRAZY.

But here’s the thing.

My numbers are relatively typical within The StrADegy System® framework.

It’s normal to have reasonable lead costs, high engagement numbers, and high conversion rates.

It’s normal to attract an engaged audience, build a list of action-taking leads, and generate sales results like those (without heavy-handed marketing or manufactured urgency).

It’s normal to have a system that moves the best people further into your ecosystem AND turns your sales process on autopilot…all without eating up your profits.

Are you ready for a new normal?

  1. Dynamic Ad Sequences move people from “interested,” to “committed,” to “take my moolah now”—minus the sleazy sales ish.
  2. If you want a sustainable business, you need to acknowledge the different “states” of your avatar. And you need a reliable system for selling to slow-lane and fast-lane prospects.
  3. The secret to profitable, scalable, customer-centric Facebook ads is a three-phase process (Connect, Commit, Close) that is designed to lower costs, increase engagement, and increase revenue.