Before I invite you into this system, I need to make sure you’re ready. Because if you’re NOT ready, this system will break your business. That’s how powerful it is.

And it’s my RESPONSIBILITY as a business owner and marketer only to teach, coach, and sell to business owners who can benefit from this material.

If you can’t turn a positive ROI from this system, I don’t want you to waste your money—but more importantly, I don’t want you to waste your time, energy, or focus. #BondBomb

So, let’s reassess.

  • Do you create organic content on Facebook and/or Instagram?
  • Do you already have an offer that sells (as in: real humans have paid you money for your thing)?
  • Do you want to make more of an impact by selling more of your awesome thing?
  • Do you sell to an audience that hangs out on Facebook (99% of people do!)?
  • Do you have marketing dollars (or can you GET marketing dollars) to invest in a profitable paid traffic model?

If you’re a “Hells Yes!” to all of those questions, this final page will help you make the right decisions for your business.

Part 5:

The Magic of

The System

Published on December 7th, 2018. Last Updated: October 2nd, 2023.
by Amanda Bond

When the three phases (Connect. Commit. Close.) are orchestrated properly, they generate results and revenue stability beyond the “normal” realm of possibility.

In fact, that’s how I “stumbled upon” this process at the very beginning.

I was working with high-level one-on-one clients. And, naturally, I was obsessed with testing, numbers, and data.

Before long, I started analyzing hyper-targeted metrics and pulling data from segments that most ad managers don’t even know exist.

And that’s when I noticed something.

Over and over again, certain segments of my clients’ audiences were performing WELL beyond normal bounds.

These unusual audience segments were much cheaper to target, much cheaper to generate leads from, and much cheaper to convert. *ding ding ding*

In fact, they converted over and over and over again—buying every program, every product, and every offer my client launched.

The weirdest part? It had nothing to do with the ads we were running. Not the images, not the copy, not the placements.

The Custom Audience segments were the only differentiating factor.

Of course, once I discovered this anomaly, I had to get to the bottom of it.

  • How did this highly profitable pocket of people get to be so investment-oriented?
  • What made these purchase-happy unicorns different?
  • What were they seeing (or doing? or experiencing?) that the other audience segments weren’t?
Here’s the story the data told:

It had EVERYTHING to do with what these audience segments had been exposed to beforehand—long before this specific campaign had begun.

The committed, eager buyers had been organically exposed to certain types of content—days, weeks, or even months before the product had launched.

  • Indoctrination emails.
  • Trust-generating social media posts.
  • Belief-shaping live shows.
  • Value-driven video content.

Then, when the cart opened for any new offer, they purchased instantly.

These purchases weren’t random. The best buyers ALWAYS had a “track record”—of consistently viewing, consuming, and engaging with content.

And that’s when I got REALLY obsessed.

If consistent “content consumers,” “video viewers,” and “commenters” were universally the best (and HAPPIEST customers)…

how could I reverse engineer that process?

How could I craft an organic content experience and automate it with some behind-the-scenes Facebook ad wizardry?

How could I build an automated content engine that replicated the “human touch” (and killer results) of an organic, relationship-driven sales process?

That’s how The System was born.

A love child of data and humanity. And an iron-clad formula for turning strangers into internet besties, repeat buyers, and raving fans.

And I want to invite you into this system.

  • ‘Cause it’s time to build out a sales process that’s aligned with your values (and your income goals).
  • ‘Cause it’s time for bigger profit margins, higher revenue numbers, and a sales process that feels easy.
  • ‘Cause it’s time to leverage the data at your fingertips…and ditch the back asswards tactics that stopped working in 2013.
  • ‘Cause it’s time for sustainable profits, scalable paid traffic, and customer-first sales (no more “you can’t have it all” ish).

Got my first comment on one of the Close ads today: “Thanks for this post! This was very helpful, and timely, mostly for me.” The post is an objection about your kids not liking something, but she means that this applies to her, too.

But the part that hit me was that she said THIS WAS… TIMELY. 💣 Yeah… timely because you are in the StrADegy funnel, lady!! You are in my sequence!!!

This stuff works.

Jimmie QuickDigital Marketing Manager

It’s working 🙂 My old ad spends were more like $0.90 cents per conversion. I just turned on my new round of ads—these drive to my Commit ads—and this is what I’m getting. Blown away!
Purchases are coming in and I’m not even finished setting up the retargeting ads.

Marie Zywicki MasseFearless & Framed

Bond, I wanted to personally send a very big, mussy a** thanks to you.

I spent s*** loads of money on courses trying to crack the Facebook ads code. Your teaching was the only thing to help me figure out why I wasn’t making money on ads.

Thanks for giving me the skills to make money, feed my babies, and fund my Amazon shopping addiction.

Dottie ReynoldsPixels & Persuasion

By this point, you might be recognizing that this “funnel” (🤢🤢🤢) is different from anything else you’ve seen before.

And that’s the point.

  • You haven’t been squeezed through a clickbait landing page.
  • You haven’t been asked to surrender your email address.
  • You haven’t been forced to sit through a 90-minute fluffball training.

I’ve given you my whole Facebook ads strategy. No holds barred.

Hell, if you wanted to, you could mess around in Ads Manager and probably hack together a pretty functional dynamic ads sequenced based on the info in this free article alone.

So, at this point, it’s 100% up to you.

It’s YOUR journey, so you call the shots.

If you’re just here to “funnel hack” my “launch” (LOL), more power to you.

If you’re just here to watch the teardown of Bro-Marketing, I’m here for that.

And if you’re just here to DIY your way through Facebook Ads, that’s 100% cool too.

But if you’re here to take control of your revenue, become the stand-out leader in your market, and generate consistent sales from an audience that adores you, this is your chance.

There aren’t any hoops to jump through…

…which might feel a little bit weird, to be honest.

But if you’re DONE wasting time on outdated Bro-Marketing strategies, and you’re ready to build a sustainable, profitable, scalable revenue model that’s based on TIMELESS sales strategies, your next steps are super simple.


Request an invitation.

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Implement The StrADegy System®...and watch your business change from the inside out.
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Now, to be fair, you might have a few questions at this point.


“Bond, I’m thinking that I could take the money I would be investing in this program…and just put that straight into Facebook ads.”

Okay, cool. If you have a strategic system for running ads that generate audience growth, leads, and sales on autopilot, go for it.

On the other hand, if you’re still crossing your fingers and side-eyeing your bank account every time you publish a campaign, it’s time for you to invest in a system that will get you results…every freakin’ time.

“I don’t have enough time to brush my teeth, let alone work through another course.”

Brushing your teeth is important, so get that squared away ASAP. Then, make a decision:

Do you always want to be frazzled, exhausted, and chasing down that next sale? Or, do you to set some boundaries, scrape together a few hours a week, and create an automated sales system that allows you to run your business the easy way?

Nothing’s going to change unless you change—it’s up to you. (But, for real, don’t join this program if you’re not going to make time for it.)

“My sales process is different than most people’s sales processes…so I’m not sure your system is going to work for me.”

This might be hard to hear, but…you’re actually not a special snowflake. Every business I work with has a nuanced, custom sales process. But they all fit within the general The System® framework, and the program trainings will help you customize the framework to align with your unique processes.

If you’re really not sure, hit me up—I’ll be 100% honest if I don’t think you’re a good fit.

“This all sounds amazing, Bond. But I’ve been burned by ads courses/ads managers before.”

I don’t blame you for having trust issues. There’s a lot of crap on the market right now—mostly taught by self-labeled experts who aren’t in the trenches like I am. Hello, Bro-Marketing.

At the end of the day, though, my results, my clients’ results, and my students’ results speak for themselves. The System® is built on a foundational sales framework, a complex understanding of the evolving Facebook platform, and years of testing—for 8-figure empires and niche small businesses.

And, if your business isn’t a good match for the system, I’ll personally give you a refund. You’re in good hands.

If you’re still wondering if this will work for you, here’s what I can tell you:

This isn’t an “ad-hacking” program.

By the time hacks are codified, they’re already dated…

…and not working anymore.

This isn’t a technical program.

I’ll show you the ropes of Ads Manager, sure—but if you aren’t willing to have client conversations, refine your offer, and build a dynamic customer journey…

…knowing what buttons to push won’t save you.

This program is a comprehensive, three-phase process for turning attention into revenue (on autopilot!) using Facebook ads.

If leveraged properly, The System® will give you consistent, sustainable, high-ROI results.

And you don’t have to worry about this system “expiring” next year (or next algorithm update).

It’s based on the age-old principle of treating buyers like humans, not numbers, and guiding them through a curated, intentional customer journey…

…a customer journey that results in your buyers tripping over each other to get to your checkout page.

No snake oil required.

...the most organized way of running FB ads I've ever seen!"

Yael Bendahan
Here’s the breakdown of the training:

Introduction to The System®

Module ONE


Ditch the ad strategy overwhelm and lay the groundwork for massive success.

  • Start speaking the coveted language of The System® so you stop wasting time on tactics that don't align with your business model. 
  • Get to know the three phases of ads that instantly set you apart from the competition. * cough * * cough*
  • Dial in your focus by identifying the one thing that instantly explodes your ROI potential!
  • Learn these oh-so-overlooked trick to reach 5x more of your existing leads (Yes! Even with dismal email open rates & flavor of the day algorithm changes)
  • Perform Facebook wizardry (Hogwarts-style!) to ensure the perfect ad is shown to the perfect person at the perfect time.
  • Come face-to-face with your “”—and overcome the money mindset B.S. that comes up when you start investing in ads strategically.

The Ad Creative

Module Two


Skip the guesswork by harnessing the proven results of your organic genius.

  • Predict with absolute certainty the exact ad creatives that ARE the bomb and the ones that’ll DIVE BOMB.
  • Never write a single ad from scratch ever again with The System®’s revolutionary new tool—and no, it’s not a generic “fill-in-the-blanks” funnel script. Pinky-promise!
  • Get crystal clear on what actually moves the needle in your ad sequence.
    (Hint: It’s not split-testing 182 images and headlines) 
  • Create straight-up pandemonium for your offer and have people going all #BlackFriday to get their hands on your -ish.
  • The best part? The work you do upfront here makes the hardest part of running Facebook ads—i.e. the tech stuff—feel like a no-brainer instead.

The Money Test

Module Three


Confirm that every future dollar you spend will multiply automADgically™.

  • Prime your pockets for “explosion-mode” with some of my favorite high-tech, black-magic Facebook automations.
  • Waste zero time setting up your ad sequences (with a set of handy-dandy GIFs that map out every part of the process making it crazy simple to learn, implement, and check your work— no tech hang-ups here!).
  • Learn which metrics matter and which metrics you can 100% ignore… *ahem* cost per lead.
  • Steal my go-to reporting system that spits out real-time results—ensuring every dollar put into the Facebook ATM turns into double, triple, or even 10x more. 
  • Bask in your new normal as the cash register rings for the very first time à la .

™ Cashflow

Module Four


Generate Predictable Cashflow for MONTHS On End with an Ad Sequence That's Built To Last

  • Find hidden conversion points to maximize your revenue with a few simple calculations. (It's all about that profitability!)
  • Deploy the not-so-invisible force on your side that instantly increases your revenue output.
  • Master the art of banishing the pesky conversion-tanking bottlenecks that even most Ad Managers miss—Trust us: It's the ONLY way to create a sustainable, profitable business in the long run.
  • Maybe plan a little dance party… ‘cause you’re about to blow up your revenue big time, baby! 
  • Secure your spot in The System® “Hall of Fame” once your sequence hits the elusive five, six, and then 7-figure sales mark.
As soon as you join The System®,

you get instant access to:


Intensive training on using Facebook Ads to create an automated, curated, replicable customer journey (detailed above)


Step-by-step modules that guide you through creating your unique, three-part Facebook Ads sequences:

The Connect phase

Learn how to consistently grow your audience and fuel the rest of the system (no more audience burnout)

The Commit phase

Learn how to master lead generation and create red hot leads (no more high-cost leads that never seem ready to buy)

The Close phase

Learn how to maximize your earnings, increase your revenue, and close your offers on autopilot (no more launch fatigue)


Power Editor GIFs for every part of the technical set-up…so you can set-up your ads without pulling your hair out (or rewatching a 70-minute training just to find one simple button)


High-Level Tracking Reports—stay on top of your core numbers (the easy way) with my ROI Snapshot, Lead Gen Calculator, Audience Growth Chart, Weekly Report, and more

Bond, you’ve got me studying all the ads in my newsfeed now and all I’m thinking is:
“STOP that!
What are you doing?
Are you even making money off that?
What…!!! Is that a LIKE campaign???


Bond is a freakin’ genius! “She’s not just brilliant at ad strategy; she’s fluent in it. Also – she’s a lovely human who’s a ton of fun to work with. If you have a chance to learn from her, #TAKEIT.

Nikki Elledge BrownThe Communication Stylist®

A MASSIVE thank you to Bond.

As an ads manager I knew a few tricks of the trade already but Bond’s training trumps all the knowledge I had and makes it soooooo much more powerful. My clients are LOVING the ‘New & Improved’ knowledge I have (and so do I!). Thank you soooo much.

Bianca McKenzieFacebook Ad Strategist
View More

At the end of the day…sure, this program is going to teach you to run Facebook ads like a badass.

But more than anything? You’ll have the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re creating a sustainable, scalable, and predictable business.

  • You can stop worrying about the latest-greatest lead gen hack (that works for .2 seconds before consumers wise up).
  • You can stop worrying about your next launch (and whether or not the algorithm is going to screw you over again).
  • You can stop worrying about how you’re going to scale your revenue (and still have time to…oh, you know, spend time with your family).
  • You can stop worrying about the next algorithm change or Facebook update—because this system is based on longevity and sales foundations (not flavor-of-the-month tactics).

See, the moment you join The System, you say YES.

  • Yes to stress-free ads management (because your ROI is already mapped-the-truck-out).
  • Yes to scalable income (so you can finally increase your revenue without launching every other week).
  • Yes to a marketing plan that supports the business (and life) you really want to create.

So…as much as I love to geek out about Ads Manager..this is a little bit bigger than that.

Anyway, this is up to you.

You can stay where you are. Comfortable. Frustrated. Stagnant.

Or you can click the big button below, reserve your spot in , and start learning how to turn virtual attention into real-life revenue.

I can’t wait for you to show up.

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