This isn’t a lead magnet, a freebie, or a bait-and-switch webinar.

This is your chance to claim an invitation to

The System®.

That's it.

First, the bad news:


It’s not an easy program.

As in: it’s not built on copy-paste templates. You’ll have to do work, show up, and create your own results.

It’s not a “loophole” program.

As in: it’s not built on hacks and shortcuts. You’ll have to trust the process, “stack” your wins, and play the long game.

It’s a paid program.

As in: it’s not free or even discounted. You’ll have to pay money to get access.

Now, the good news:

If leveraged properly, The StrADegy System® will give you consistent, sustainable, high-ROI results. Guaranteed.

When the three phases (Connect. Commit. Close.) are orchestrated properly, they generate results and revenue stability beyond the “normal” realm of possibility.

Holy s*** girlfriend!!!!!! My upgraded Connect ad has been running for all of two hours and is pulling 3.789% CTR and a $0.51 CPC right out of the gate! I have COLD audiences pulling a $0.25 CPC! You brilliant witch, you.

Shanna ReimerLumos Digital Marketing

Guys...GUYS! I mean, I am a forever student, and I freakin' LOVE learning, but HOLY HELL! I learned more about Facebook ads in the last 3 hrs from Bond than in the entire previous year (with thousands of wasted dollars too might I add) and I have just scratched the surface.

Dr. Jennelle KariotisRelationship Advisor

When I was running cold traffic straight to Lead Magnets my cost per lead was $0.90 cents to $2.50 per lead. This was always difficult to get to a good number and would never stay there. Now it’s down under $0.40 cents in all cases and sometimes $0.20 cents.

Dustin BaierA Sweet Pea Chef
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You don’t have to worry about this system “expiring” next year.

The entire system is built to withstand market corrections, algorithm updates, and audience shifts.

When you build your customer acquisition pipeline with The StrADegy System®, you can EXPECT to consistently grow and scale your revenue, on autopilot, for years to come.


Because this process is NOT built on the shaky foundation of short-term hacks, ego-driven positioning, or me-first marketing.

This process is based on the age-old principle of treating buyers like humans, not numbers, and guiding them through a curated, intentional customer journey…

…a customer journey that results in your buyers tripping over each other to get to your checkout page.

If this is what you’ve been looking for, your next steps are simple:


Request an invitation.

Open your invitation email.

Follow the instructions inside.
Request an Invite

If you’re still looking for shortcuts and hacks, you’ve got other options. Please don’t request and invitation and please don’t join my email list. We’re not in alignment—and that’s okay.