I run ads for 7-figure businesses and moonlight as the go-to Facebook ads consultant for Entrepreneur, Inc., and Social Media Examiner.

(They’ve called me a “Facebook advertising genius” and “the brightest mind in Facebook advertising.” NBD.)

In my years as an agency owner and paid traffic advisor, I’ve logged hundreds of millions of ad impressions, millions of dollars in ad revenue, and millions of hours inside Power Editor (well, it feels like millions of hours, at least).

Now, I’m pulling back the curtains and revealing everything I’ve learned.

When you join The StrADegy System, you’ll get instant access to documented processes, step-by-step systems, and expert guidance so that you can scale up (and blow up) your revenue—without the mistakes and missteps I experienced along the way.

I’ll show you exactly how to get nerdy with the numbers (without going crazy), map out automated ad sequences, and make the algorithm work for you…not against you.

Oh, and you’ll get insider access to hella successful campaigns, which means you can take the strategies I’ve used to support 6-figure and 7-figure launches…

…and use those exact same strategies inside your own business.

No more guessing.

No more funnel hacking.

No more losing sleep over dismal metrics.

See, you don’t need magic pixie dust or the anointing of Zuckerberg himself to run successful Facebook ads. You just need a holistic system that you can copy-and-paste into your business (and then customize the ish out of, with my help, of course).

And before you know it, you’ll be landing new clients, getting new members, and selling out your signature program…on autopilot.

I've been a guest on…

Social Media Examiner
Modern Ontrapreneur

“Great job and insights on the Social Media Examiner podcast, Amanda. You gave me some food for thought. I agree with everything you said and use a lot of the same techniques.”

  • Ben Hammel

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Organic Engagement Tactics


Facebook Ads


Social Media Sales Machine


Real Truths


“Amanda was part of Entrepreneur Magazine's Tough Love Tuesday Facebook series in which she provided insight into Facebook ads — a very important topic for all entrepreneurs. Her enthusiasm, love for data and ability to explain it in an easy-to-understand format really resonated with our massive audience. “

  • Andrea Huspeni

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“Amanda is our resident Facebook ads expert on The Social Media Marketing Show! And what an expert she is. She is always fiercely prepared, articulate and on point. Best of all, she is energetic, [and] charismatic. Finding a genuine expert that also has a great screen presence is pure serendipity. That is Amanda.”

  • Kim Reynolds

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