Here’s Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

(Hint: It’s not your targeting that’s broken! It’s your Facebook advertising STRATEGY.)

Another day, another ad in your timeline promising you sexy results… and INSTANT success!

10x your ROI with this proven headline technique.
Land high-ticket clients with this one (secret!) sales script.
Never run a failed campaign again… after attending this limited-time training.

Yet no matter how many tactics you implement, how many ads you split-test, or how many times you tweak your copy…


Okay, friend… I get it. Your program’s worth its weight in gold (+ you’ve got the case studies to prove it!). You’ve done everything the gurus have told you to—lead gen funnel with copied and pasted ‘proven’ headlines, then even ponied up hella cash for an ads manager.

… but you’re not getting the results you want.


Plus, these $4-a-pop clicks will make it hard as hell to get a positive ROI on your next big launch.

Not to mention that ONE REALLY SUCCESSFUL list building campaign that was 🔥🔥🔥 last year…The one getting $0.75 leads and engagement through-the-roof. Welllll… it bombed as soon as you tried to scale up.

Womp womp * Cues sad trombone *

And, you keep thinking to yourself, “is it my Facebook advertising strategy that sucks?”

There has to be a better way! … ’cause you’re gonna deck the next person that tells you Facebook ads are easy.

So instead of me regaling that they are (…hundreds of thousands of dollars of ad spend will do that to a person!), let’s focus on what matters: YOUR RESULTS.

‘Cause It Really Doesn’t Matter If Facebook Advertising Strategy SOUNDS Easy.

It MATTERS that:

  • you can amplify ANY converting sales funnel that has an ideal audience on Facebook
  • you can run Facebook ads in a way that feels manageable and maintainable
  • your Facebook ads are profitable, repeatable, and scalable

And here’s the truth—there’s a strategic process that will give you the power to use Facebook ads to to create these scalable, predictable results.

Results like: inexpensive leads, hungry prospects, and cash in the bank.

💥 Boom 💥

I’ve used this exact system (and so have my clients) to run ads for…

  • 7-figure businesses
  • 6-figure launches
  • 5-figure programs
  • 4-figure courses

… and, at times, with just 3-figures in ad spend.

Moral of the story: This system is scalable AF.

This system solves a problem that marketers aren’t addressing. Out of the thousands of Facebook ad experts teaching ads, no one talks about this.

Instead, the market is so-dang-focused on ($0.25!) lead generation that everyone’s come down with a case of tunnel vision (even the so called experts!). Ugh.

Everybody’s teaching cold lead generation.

Everybody’s implementing cold lead generation.


Why? ‘Cause sales happen in a holistic ecosystem. And without a Facebook ad strategy that respects the ecosystem, your ads are set-up to fail from the start.

But, it’s not your fault!

You’re doing what you’ve been told to do.

… The cheat sheets
… The lead gen ads
… Optimizing for conversions
… The evergreen webinar funnels
… launching annually, quarterly, hell… even monthly!

And that’s exactly why you’re running into problems with your Facebook advertising strategy in the first place.

Problems Like:

PROBLEM #1—Your Audience Is Maxed-The-Fuck-Out.

Launch goals are being missed by miles, your calendar is empty, and your current list just isn’t buying like they used to. Bottom line: You don’t have an automated system for filling up your pipeline with hot-as-hell leads that are HUNGRY for what you have to offer.

PROBLEM #2—You’re Running Ads (but they’re random AF).

No wonder you’re getting mixed results—you don’t have an overarching Facebook advertising strategy or system for turning audience members (i.e. digital attention) into buyers. You’re running rando lead gen campaigns, webinar ads, and basic retargeting campaigns… but none of them are connected. So, leads are falling through the cracks and potential revenue is tanking.

PROBLEM #3—Honey, You’ve Got Your Numbers All Wrong.

Sure, you’ve set that monthly revenue goal and know what you WANT to spend to achieve it… But if you can’t rattle off your earnings per lead or your benchmark lead costs in your sleep, ‘Houston, we’ve got a problem.’ ‘Cause when you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know how much you can spend to get the results you need. Every time you plug in $100, you need to know exactly what the Facebook ATM is gonna spit back out. (Hint: The answer is NOT “one million dollars”)

That’s Why I Created The StrADegy System—a 3-step Facebook advertising strategy—to solve those problems once and for all

The StrADegy System is a three-pronged approach to running Facebook ads that will explode your audience, create leads on autopilot, and turn hungry prospects into eager buyers.

In it’s full glory, you:

  • Turn (intentional and strategic) attention into cold, hard cash
  • Scale your revenue—without turning into a launch machine!
  • And, create a sales sequence that works for you… so you can stop being a slave to your own business

The StrADegy System way of running ads includes three key phases: Connect. Commit. Close.

The StrADegy System—A 3-Part Facebook advertising strategy for Turning Attention into Revenue (on Autopilot!) Using Facebook Ads

Once you understand these three phases, you’ll know exactly how to create an automated, Facebook-based sales sequence that turns targeted fans into hungry customers—24/7.

Instead of haphazardly creating random ads (Hey, interwebs stranger… Attend my webinar! Download my cheatsheet! Buy my unicorn course!), you’ll learn how to build a curated customer journey… that creates new revenue on autopilot with this simple Facebook advertising strategy.


I know it’s super tempting to just hit boost and send a random Facebook ad out into the universe and hope for the best. (i.e. engagement, conversions, sales).

And, it works—sometimes.

If you’re ready to build a sustainable business, with scalable, predictable revenue streams, it’s time to look at the big picture.

So, Bond—How does The StrADegy System work?

Well… I’m glad you asked.


The StrADegy System isn’t a crazy tactic or short-term marketing hack—it’s a foundational, time-tested Facebook advertising strategy to complement any sales process.

In fact, it’s gonna sound super-fucking-simple.

We’re just gonna use the magic of Facebook tools and automation triggers to turn it up a notch (and keep it running on autopilot with minimal time commitment from you).


First, deep dive into your biz analytics.

Listen…! I hear those groans. Pour yourself a glass of vino 🍷 and go do that shit.

Before you run another ad campaign, you need to know two things:

  1. How much you’re spending to get someone into your audience and onto your email list (i.e. the entry point for your sales funnel)? (Cost per lead)
  2. How much cash these leads are handing over to you via your funnels? (Earnings per lead)

These numbers give you the power to pump dinero into Facebook without freaking out prematurely, getting those pesky ad-motions—and killing ‘expensive’ lead gen ad sets that are actually hella profitable. You can also stop worrying about blowing your account balance on ads that aren’t quiet as profitable as they look.

Moral of the story? No more flying blind.

Once you know your numbers better than you know your Starbucks order, you can plug dollar bills into the Zuckerberg exchange and know exactly what you’re going to get out. <– my order is a 4-shot coconut milk latte, for the record. 😉

After you get those dolla-dolla bill ducks in a row, it’s time to start running ads—StrADegy style.

Ready to FINALLY crack the code to Facebook advertising?

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Here’s The 3-Phases of The StrADegy System:

You’ll CONNECT with new audiences by running ads that bring attention to your brand to get fresh new eyes on your brand.

The goal? Filling your audience full of peeps who are ready to smash the like button, engage with your live videos, and consume your content like you’re the only one in the room (er… news feed).

You’ll then ask these new audience members to COMMIT to your brand with ads that ask them to trade their time, energy, and resources for your content.

The goal? Getting people onto your list by creating a start-to-finish sequences of automated ads exactly ‘X’ number of days they found you online. No more disjointed, one-off campaigns or letting leads fall through the cracks until your next launch.

Lastly, you’ll CLOSE your newfound leads by running ads that present smart, highly-relevant, and sequenced offers guiding them towards the point-of-sale

The goal? Serving up your hottest offers to the hottest leads at exactly the right time so that you can maximize your revenue, scale your income, and start selling on autopilot.

The audience temperatures with Facebook ad targeting when you have a Facebook advertising strategy like The StrADegy System.

The StrADegy System isn’t complicated. In fact, it’s based on the basic framework that salespeople have been using for centuries.

Here’s the thing: 95% of marketers aren’t using all three phases of this system.

They’re so focused on lead gen (i.e. COMMIT phase) that they’re forgetting the other two crucial pieces of the customer journey so the field is wide open for you to make a mother-fucking impact with your ads and your offer. Like, now!

So are you ready to stop guessing and start getting results with your Facebook ads?

It’s time to dive into a system that’s helped coaches, mastermind leaders, course creators, and consultants scale their ads, fill their client pipeline on autopilot, and turn attention into revenue.

Let’s get started.

The 3C’s: Connect. Commit. Close.

CONNECT: Engage With New Audiences & Draw Brand Attention

During the Connect phase of this Facebook advertising strategy your goal is to create focused, targeted, cold audience attention—and warm up these ideal clients to your brand and offers. This is where you create connection and engagement (before you ever ask for anyone’s email address, time, or dolla dolla bills).

Too many marketers jump straight to phase two and serve up lead gen conversion ads to cold audiences leading to sky-high conversion costs… and lukewarm leads not yet ready to buy.

Instead, by deploying your Connection ads in your arsenal to new, cold audiences, you’ll drive up engagement rates, raise your relevance, and created warmer (i.e. cheaper!) leads in the long run.

You might be wondering: “What do these ads look like, IRL?”

Here are some examples:

  • A video that tells your compelling brand story (or captures your on-air rant about what’s wrong in your industry)
  • A live interview with a client that establishes your ability to help people get results
  • A screen-capture training that will attract, educate, and entertain your ideal audience
  • An authority-building post that pimps out your credentials and basically tells people: I’m the shit

See you’re not asking for anything with these Connect ads. You’re just attracting attention, creating brand recognition, and establishing trust…

… and, behind-the-scenes? You’re using ninja Facebook tools to create Custom Audiences to serve up more ads to these EXACT people—again-and-again.


Inside of Facebook Ads Manager, create a Custom Video Views Audience that keeps track of anyone who peeps your Connect ads.

Use video views Custom Audiences in your Facebook advertising strategy.


This will allow you to hit up those warmed up viewers with retargeting ads… so that you can turn them into hot-and-hungry leads.


Guys. Let’s take a moment here. None of the big guys are running ads like this. People go for leads, right away. Or customers, right away.

But this simple strategy works double-time for your business by:

  1. Lowering future lead costs (since you’re going to serve up your future lead generation ads to warm audiences who already recognize, trust, and understand your brand).
  2. Keeping your sales pipeline full (so that you can stop over-selling to your current list and start bringing in fresh, new customers).

The beauty of this is that most of you are already partaking in connection to some degree… you’re just not deliberately scaling that focused attention through Facebook advertising.

COMMIT: Asking for Micro-Commitments from the Warm Audience

Okay. So, you’ve started sharing your branded content with the world. You’ve started connecting with people, at scale. You’ve started to bring new people into your audience (whether they’ve liked your page, commented on your ad, or just viewed a bit of your video and then added to a top-secret Custom Audience of Facebook wizardry).

Now it’s time to turn those warm, fuzzy audience members into red-hot leads.


Once people are added to your Custom Audiences, they’ll start to see triggered ads that offer content, resources, and valuable downloads.

We’re not asking people to pull out their wallets or sell their souls yet. In the Commit phase, you’re simply retargeting warm audience members and asking them to make a micro-commitment to your brand.

This is all part of the curated customer journey. No more spray-and-pray marketing tactics—with The StrADegy System, everything is intentional and strategic.

  1. Your new audience sees an engaging series of video ads and content that establish your brand, your values, and your expertise.
  2. If they watch more than 3-seconds of your video ads, engage with your content, or visit your website, they’re added to your Custom Audiences that are set up in Ads Manager.
  3. Then, they’ll automatically start seeing your targeted lead gen ads since you’ve set those up to deploy to new peeps entering your Custom Audiences.

Retargeting Connect phase audiences with strategy content in your Facebook advertising strategy

It’s almost like magic, right?

Now, this phase is where a majority of Facebook advertising dollars are already going towards—lead generation.

The difference is that, in The StrADegy System, lead generation is only part of the strategy and doesn’t take place in cold audience’s news feeds.

And since we’re sending these Commit ads to warm, targeted audiences… we’re gonna get more engagement, higher relevance scores, and cheaper conversions.

If that’s not win-win-win, I don’t know what is.

CLOSE: Present Offers, Overcome Objections & Turn Leads Into Customers

By the time your audience members enter the Close phase, you already know they’re highly engaged and likely to buy.

How do you know this? ‘Cause you’ve built a foundation of trust and primed them to make a value-based investment.

  1. They’ve already interacted with your brand multiple times during the Connect phase.
  2. They’ve already entered into your sales funnel and become more receptive to your proposed solutions.
  3. And now they’re ready to see what you have to offer.

So, now you’ll launch a sequence of strategic, targeted ads to your red-hot leads just when they’re the hungriest for your luxury goods and experiences, high-level offers, high-ticket programs, and hands-on services.

That’s the magic of The StrADegy System: you’re able to make this irresistible offer at the perfect moment—right when your audience is at the peak of engagement.

This keeps you from pitching too early (which leads to high conversion costs and low earnings per lead). And it also keeps you from pitching to the same, tired audience too often (which leads to high conversion costs and unhappy customers).

So, you’re probably wondering: “What type of ads are going to create these sales?”

Here are some examples:

  • A live video with killer content that teases your offer and asks for the sale
  • A video testimonial from a past customer success story
  • A case study revealing incredible results (and some sneak-peek strategies)
  • A post answering your top FAQs
  • A post addressing common objections, fears, and hesitations

And because you’ve tracked everything using the black magic of the Facebook pixel and Facebook Custom Audiences, you’re ready to dish out ads to people who are whipping out their wallets.

People subscribed to your email list.
People googly-eyed over your sales page.
People watching your program-related videos.
People reading your pre-launch blog posts and content.

I could go on…

The Close phase is the final leg of this automated customer journey. And, in many ways, the most important phase. Because, if you’re not closing sales on the regular… you’ve got a damn expensive hobby, honey.

With this last piece of The StrADegy System, you can automate your sales process and take the guesswork out of your business revenue.

No more launch panic.

No more sales cycle burnout.

And no more hacking together dozens of platforms, softwares, and automations to create a system that works.

You can get started today. Pinky-promise.

All of this information might seem overwhelming at first. But here’s the thing: You already have everything you need.

That Facebook Live you published last month? That one with 10x the comments you typically get. Turn that video into an ad, create a custom video views audience in Ads Manager, and celebrate the first step of your Connect phase.

That lead magnet you created for last quarter’s big launch? Create an image, add some copy and a targeted headline, and start offering your video views Custom Audience a way to make a micro-commitment to your brand.

That blog post outlining your signature program…?
That FAQ list you wrote for your sales page…?

That Gmail folder of Q’s people submitted on your last launch? Pull out some compelling snippets, add attention-grabbing images, and start getting those prospects off the fence about becoming customers.

Within a few hours, you could have the bare bones of this holistic Facebook advertising strategy up and running.

And, if you’re the methodical type, that’s okay too. Set up these phases one-by-one. Take your time. Test and change. This is a tried and true sales strategy—not a sleazy hack that isn’t going to work a month from now.

However you decide to implement The StrADegy System in your business, keep your focus on the big picture: you’re creating a strategic sales sequence designed to take people through a curated customer journey.

‘Cause, if you do this the right way, the results are bananas.

By the time people move through all three phases (and see your perfectly sequenced ads at exactly the right time) of this Facebook advertising strategy, they’ll be tripping over each other to get to your checkout page.

Say goodbye to launch fatigue, plummeting conversion numbers, and expensive leads never quite ready to buy.

With The StrADegy System, you’ll learn how to turn attention into revenue, create sales sequences that convert, and scale your revenue with the flip of a switch. The StrADegy System gives you the elements you need to move people down your sales pipeline while building relationships along the way. It’s that know-like-trust factor… on crack.

Oh shit, Bond. It all makes sense. TEACH ME more about your ads wizardry!

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