If leveraged properly, The  System will give you consistent, sustainable, high-ROI results.

And you don’t have to worry about this system “expiring” next year (or next algorithm update).

It’s based on the age-old principle of treating buyers like humans, not numbers, and guiding them through a curated, intentional customer journey…

…a customer journey that results in your buyers tripping over each other to get to your checkout page.

Here's how it all breaks down

Milestone Zero

The Foundations Phase

Ditch the ads strategy overwhelm and lay the groundwork for massive success.

  • Zero in on the perfect offer to amplify with The StrADegy System (once you’ve nailed your signature offer, you can circle back and apply the system to your other offers)
  • Get crystal clear on your sales process so you can stop wasting time on ad strategies that don’t align with your business model
  • Come face-to-face with your ‘ADmotions’ and deal with the money mindset BS that comes up when you start investing into ads like a boss
    Get your campaigns on the calendar so you can start getting results—and cashing in on that ROI, baby
  • Learn why most businesses’ Facebook ads fail (and how you can SMASH the roadblocks that keep others from succeeding)
Milestone One

The Close Phase

Ramp up your automated sales systems and boost your revenue with Facebook sales conversion wizardry.

  • Maximize your revenue and find hidden conversion points with a few simple calculations (all about that profitability, baby!)
  • Play palm-reader and divine your audience’s three biggest objections (then massage these objections into high-converting ad copy)
  • Learn the difference between high-converting Close campaigns that ARE the bomb and the campaigns that DIVE BOMB
  • Waste zero time setting up your Dynamic Ad Sequences—all the tech magic is laid out in GIFs that make it crazy simple to learn, implement, and check your work
  • Steal my go-to reporting system that spits out a real-time ROI Snapshot, so you can make sure you’re winning on the back end of your ads
  • Learn which unique ads will create straight-up pandemonium for your offer and have people going all #BlackFriday to get their hands on your ish
  • Use the unique The StrADegy System framework to revamp your sales process, get lurkers off the fence (and into your programs), and blow up your revenue

The result? Once you’ve implemented Milestone One, you’ll be selling more and earning more…without lifting a finger.

Milestone Two

The Commit Phase

Fill up your client pipeline with highly-engaged, ready-to-buy leads.

  • Swipe my signature process for overcoming core objections with ads (and watch the keeners in your audience leap into your sales funnel)
  • Get your list into explosion-mode with some of my favorite high-tech, black-magic Facebook automations
  • Play matchmaker with your Facebook ads, and make sure your lead generation offers are shown to the perfect people, at the perfect time
  • Build out your sequences the easy way (with a set of handy-dandy GIFs that map out every part of the process—no tech hang-ups here!)
  • Learn which metrics matter during this phase (and which metrics you can 100% ignore)

The result? By the end of Milestone Two, your list will be growing (and your leads will be closing) on autopilot.

Milestone Three

The Connect Phase

Send your audience growth into hyperdrive, build authority-level brand awareness, and scale the ish out of your funnel.

  • Scale your campaign like crazy (while maintaining a lean-and-mean budget)
  • Dominate the Facebook newsfeed and build an audience that can’t wait to see more of you and your brand
  • Turn on The Decision Accelerator and master the sales psychology behind my signature dynamic ad sequences
  • Master the art of Ads-Based Audience Indoctrination—and get crystal clear on the elements that set your brand apart and bring in your hottest leads
  • Learn the secret key to creating a high-engagement trigger ad (helloooooo, audience explosion)
  • Get the down-low on how to fill your audience pipeline on autopilot (and why it’s THE only way to create a sustainable, profitable business in the long-term)
  • Measure your audience growth and maybe plan a little dance party…because this new audience is about to blow up your sales funnel, big time

The result? By the end of Milestone Three, you’ll have an automated sales funnel that fuels your business 24/7 (and turns attention into sales while you sleep).

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